One Found Feather

  • ~It's okay to drift, you'll end up somewhere
  • ~Be open to directional changes
  • ~Freefalling leads to new adventures
  • ~Surrender
  • ~When knocked off the path of all that's familiar, become an explorer
  • ~Becoming detached sets you free
  • ~Experience the journey
  • ~Go with the flow
  • ~Lose the body and find the Self
  • ~Be fearless
  • ~Welcome everything that comes your way
  • ~Separating from the tribe, you discover your truth
  • ~Purpose is within
  • ~Trust
  • ~Practice presence
  • ~Just be
  • ~Leaving the head, you find the heart
  • ~Embrace the unknown
  • ~Laugh and play along the way
  • ~Transformation happens
  • ~Sometimes I'm up. Sometimes I'm down
  • ~Drop the machine
  • ~Stay curious
  • ~Love your own rumpled self
  • ~Give off good vibrations
  • ~Dare to be the beauty of imperfection
  • ~Tell a new story
  • ~Savor the mystery
  • ~Appreciate the ride
  • ~For now, I am being this




I am pleased that you have found your way here, to a place of possibilities.

Stories are everywhere.  They are in us and around us.  They shape us and our world.  I first came to be an intentional storychanger out of necessity, as an act of survival, and in doing so, I found that storychanging was the magic elixir I needed to not only survive, but to thrive.  But to say that necessity was the only force driving me to transform the narratives I was telling would be inaccurate, because at the same time the physical world was requiring me to develop new perspectives, I was also being called by something much deeper, a profound yearning inside of me. 

Stories about who we are and who we will become begin before we are even born.  They are filled with characters, plots, settings, subtext, and themes that didn't start with our telling.  While some of these stories are lovely, full of heart and goodwill, guiding us to expand our vision of what is possible, others keep us from living our light; they cut us off from the truth of our inner-knowing.  And it is often the limiting stories that become the backdrop narratives of our lives, getting told over and over again, until, truthful or not, we believe them.  However, each of us has the right and ability to choose our personal narratives, ones that empower and inspire us.

My desire is to support you on your journey to becoming an intentional storychanger, living from a place of possibilities.

Look over the below offerings, and if the yearning for transformation is strong within you, I would be honored to work with you to change your story.

To possibilities,
Karen Helene

Change Your Story ~ Change Your Life
Change the Story ~ Change the World



                                                        Choosing Authentic Stories

                                                        Choosing Authentic Stories

INSIDE STORIES (for women) 

In this intimate coming together, we, as women, will create a safe space for getting curious about the stories told by us and
about us.  
 We will go inside our outside stories to determine how they came about and who benefits most from their telling.  We will also connect with our inner-wisdom keepers to discover and bring forth our authentic stories, the ones that empower and inspire us.  During our time together we will practice re-languaging and refocusing our stories for personal and collective transformation, moving beyond the limiting and worn tales that are still circulating in the status quo.  We will practice living from our highest and truest essence, noticing that when we do, we are offered a wellspring of everyday magic. Whether meeting live or virtual, we will join in sacred circle and journey together on a deep exploration into the realms of authenticity and possibility.     

Are you curious about the magic of your authentic story?  If so, connect with me here for information about upcoming gatherings.



WEEKEND STORYCHANGER(Six Saturdays: Live Two-Hour Tele-Workshops)

Changing Stories Changes Everything.  When you replace low energy stories that no longer serve for higher vibrational stories, you open up a world of possibilities.  Telling self-sabotaging stories stifles your intuition, drowns your imagination, and keeps you stuck in a rut.   In fact, living your life from these limiting beliefs keeps you from connecting to your greater purpose.  And stories that keep you tied to the status quo only bring you more of the same.  On the other hand, when you grow your story to embrace the truth of who you are, you expand your potential for adventure and new beginnings.  During this live teleworkshop, which takes place over the course of six Saturdays, we will embark on a storychanging journey by exploring such topics as the power of story, why now is the time to transform your story, how stories are both individual and universal, and why being a storychanger requires embracing the unknown.  We will also practice how to feel the story, how to move out of the mind and into the body for an authentic reading.  During our six weeks together, we will create an intimate and safe place for sharing our awakenings and celebrating our progress. 

 *Email Here - for more information and to register for an upcoming workshop.              

Evolve Your Story  (Private and Personal One-on-One Mentoring)

No matter your outside circumstances, inside you lives the authentic Story of You.  This inside story is the core essence of your being.  As you awaken to this truth and begin to change your limiting outside story, you begin to evolve your personal (s)hero’s journey.  If you are feeling restless and hungry for change, it is a sign the time has come for you to shift to higher vibrational stories.  Most likely, the stories you are running—those ever-faithful companions that are hardwired in your brain—are too small to support your growing dreams, keeping you from aligning with the deeper truth of your Infinite Self and your soul purpose.  Committing to one-one-one mentoring is an intimate, sacred journey intended for personal transformation.  If you are ready to evolve your story and expand your personal (s)hero’s journey, I invite you to consider gifting yourself one of the private mentoring packages.   

*Email Here - to set up a complimentary 30 minute discovery session.

Quantum Writing: Transforming You and Your Fiction - Masterclass
   (Six Months: Twice a Month Live Virtual Gatherings)

As fiction writers, whether your craft is the novel, screenplay, short story, playwriting, or other form, your toolbox already contains the necessary skills for evolving your personal story and your fiction beyond hand-me down narratives.  In this six month masterclass (one 2-hour session every other week), we will explore how going quantum leads to authenticity, how using elements of fiction such as theme, subtext, metaphor, and relationship, along with evolving archetypes, and the new (s)hero’s journey as the road to becoming a creative leader, telling stories for a new day.  We’ll explore why high art, which vibrates at a higher level than surface entertainment, flows into the universal heart in a subtle, yet deep and meaningful way that has the ability to shift perspectives and transform lives.  If you are committed to personal growth while evolving your fiction, then come to the edge where fearless creatives gather to play, to produce, and to transform

**Prerequisite for Class - Weekend Storychanger or Three Private Sessions

*Email Here - for more information and to register for an upcoming workshop.


Who are you without the story of you?

At this very moment, you probably have a number of stories cycling through your mind about who you are.  It’s what we do.  We tell stories.  Usually, we tell the same stories over and over.  More often than not, these stories, most of which we took on at an early age, are about our faults and limitations.  But are they really true? 


Could it be that there is more to you than the stories you are telling? 

Whether writing for personal exploration or writing to share your stories with the world, a Quantum Writing Workshop will transform you and the stories you tell.


To Story,

Karen Lizon, MFA

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