One Found Feather

  • ~It's okay to drift, you'll end up somewhere
  • ~Be open to directional changes
  • ~Freefalling leads to new adventures
  • ~Surrender
  • ~When knocked off the path of all that's familiar, become an explorer
  • ~Becoming detached sets you free
  • ~Experience the journey
  • ~Go with the flow
  • ~Lose the body and find the Self
  • ~Be fearless
  • ~Welcome everything that comes your way
  • ~Separating from the tribe, you discover your truth
  • ~Purpose is within
  • ~Trust
  • ~Practice presence
  • ~Just be
  • ~Leaving the head, you find the heart
  • ~Embrace the unknown
  • ~Laugh and play along the way
  • ~Transformation happens
  • ~Sometimes I'm up. Sometimes I'm down
  • ~Drop the machine
  • ~Stay curious
  • ~Love your own rumpled self
  • ~Give off good vibrations
  • ~Dare to be the beauty of imperfection
  • ~Tell a new story
  • ~Savor the mystery
  • ~Appreciate the ride
  • ~For now, I am being this




I am pleased that you have found your way here, to a place of possibilities.

Stories are everywhere.  They are in us and around us.  They shape us and our world.  I first came to be an intentional storychanger out of necessity, as an act of survival, and in doing so, I found that storychanging was the magic elixir I needed to not only survive, but to thrive.  But to say that necessity was the only force driving me to transform the narratives I was telling would be inaccurate, because at the same time the physical world was requiring me to develop new perspectives, I was also being called by something much deeper, a profound yearning inside of me. 

Stories about who we are and who we will become begin before we are even born.  They are filled with characters, plots, settings, subtext, and themes that didn't start with our telling.  While some of these stories are lovely, full of heart and goodwill, guiding us to expand our vision of what is possible, others keep us from living our light; they cut us off from the truth of our inner-knowing.  And it is often the limiting stories that become the backdrop narratives of our lives, getting told over and over again, until, truthful or not, we believe them.  However, each of us has the right and the ability to choose our personal narratives, ones that empower and inspire us.

My desire is to support you on your journey to becoming an intentional storychanger, living from a place of possibilities.

Look over the below offerings, and if the yearning for transformation is strong within you, I would be honored to work with you to change your story.

To possibilities,
Karen Helene

Change Your Story ~ Change Your Life
Change the Story ~ Change the World



                                                        Choosing Authentic Stories

                                                        Choosing Authentic Stories

INSIDE STORIES (for women) 

In this intimate coming together, we, as women, will create a safe space for getting curious about the stories told by us and
about us.  
 We will go inside our outside stories to determine how they came about and who benefits most from their telling.  We will also connect with our inner-wisdom keepers to discover and bring forth our authentic stories, the ones that empower and inspire us.  During our time together we will practice re-languaging and refocusing our stories for personal and collective transformation, moving beyond the limiting and worn tales that are still circulating in the status quo.  We will practice living from our highest and truest essence, noticing that when we do, we are offered a wellspring of everyday magic. Whether meeting live or virtual, we will join in sacred circle and journey together on a deep exploration into the realms of authenticity and possibility.     

Are you curious about the magic of your authentic story?  If so, connect with me here for information about upcoming gatherings.





This intentional gathering is for creatives, visionaries, and new-world storytellers who are feeling the call to wonder new stories into being, stories that go beyond same old, same old.  No matter the direction of your creative curiosities--writer, artist, entrepreneur, new-idea generator, or an individual intent on living a more meaningful and empowered personal story--you will find support and encouragement here.  Come explore the various elements of story and discover how they shape both our personal and collective narratives, practice changing one element or one story and watch how they all begin to change.  If you are yearning to ignite your imaginal self and are committed to leaning in, rather than out, for a deeper truth, then join the journey.  If you are keen on developing practices that will expand your edge in order to transform what no longer serves, if you long to rock your story and feel called to co-create with other storychangers to develop impactful narratives for the greater good, then come wonder the story.

Are you wondering about how creatives at play can change their stories and rock the world?  If so, connect with me here to learn about upcoming gatherings.              



The Story of You (personal mentoring)

Did you know that the stories you tell are reflected in your outside world.  When you change your story, you change your life.  But how do you change your story?  Where do you start?  For one, you start by becoming aware of the stories you are telling and how they came about.  You learn to discern between narratives that expand possibilities and those that limit them.  Did you know that inside you lives your authentic story?  Wouldn't you like to connect with that story, to create a life based on the truth of that story?  You can do just that once you commit to knowing and embracing the story of you.  One on one mentoring will provide you the opportunity to discover your inside story, to be empowered by it, and to use it to transform your outside circumstances.  Throughout our time together, you will be guided to engage with various creative and reflective practices designed for taking you within as a means of connecting with your true story.  You will play with igniting your imagination, using it as a bridge that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.   

 If you are yearning to uncover the essential story of you, then connect with me here to learn more about a customized, personal storychanger package.


To Changing Stories,

Karen Helene Lizon, MFA

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